D&S Wins CIO Awards

Group ICT Manager Joab Makungul and Digital Busienss Manager Ken Muturi are pictured as they collect their awards from Huawei's Adam Lane and Nutanix's Martin Walshaw at the CIO 100 prize giving ceremony.

The D&S focus on digital innovation and transformation was recognised recently at the annual Chief Information Officer 100 Awards held in Naivasha. These ICT based awards celebrate organizations and the teams within them that are using digital technology in innovative ways to deliver business value, create competitive advantage, optimize business processes, enable growth or improve the customer experience.

D&S received Gold awards for two of its most recent digital innovations, the Netronic production ordering system and Solarcalc v1.0. The Netronic system enhances supply chain efficiency while Solarcalc v1.0 is a proprietary software designed in-house that allows Engineers to correctly and accurately size solar systems for pumping, thermal, back up, on grid and many other applications.

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