Annual Management Conference 2019

Management Conference 2019

A key event in the D&S calendar is the annual Management Conference which has become a tradition going back over 25 years and which brings together all senior managers from across the Group for an intensive programme of interaction and idea sharing that marks the start of the D&S planning cycle. Themed 'Putting Customers First', this year's conference was planned and overseen by CEO David Gatende and the

60 participants enjoyed a varied series of sessions with key contributions on the theme being offered by premium travel operator Micato's CEO Sean Walwyn and dominant Kenyan multi-national Safaricom's ICT Director George Njuguna. The three day program was as usual held both at the D&S Conference centre and an outside venue, this years' being Tamarind Tree Hotel, where an innovative strategy exercise was hosted by management consultant Ian Hotz. As is the custom, the Annual Management Awards were presented by Group Chairman Alec Davis at the culmination of the successful event.

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