D&S Long Serving Staff - Kimari Gachanja

Kimari Gachanja Interview

Kimari Gachanja is one of the legends of D&S having joined the firm just two years after its foundation in 1946 and then going on to give 50 years of exemplary and unblemished service as a master technician and installer. Group CEO David Gatende and Branch Executive Margaret Kuchio recently paid him a courtesy call as they visited his leafy rural home in Murang'a and interviewed him about his fascinating life

that has borne witness to the unimaginable change that Kenya has undergone over the period. Still hale and hearty and as sharp witted as ever, Mzee Kimari took great pleasure in regailing them with stories and anecdotes about the old days and his reminiscences about the characters from the past including the founder himself, Eddie Davis, with whom Kimari had an excellent relationship and worked with for over 30 years up until his death in 1982. On the occasion of Group Chairman Alec Davis' retirement as CEO in 2016, he remarked of Mzee Kimari that he had probably been 'the best D&S staffer ever'.

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