Dayliff App Launches

A view of the recently launched Dayliff App which is universally available on Android’s Google Play Store and the iOS Store App Store.

D&S HO Digital Marketing under Manager Ken Muturi and Commercial Director Edward Davis have recently announced the launch of the Dayliff App which is available at no cost on both Android Google Play store and iOS App Store formats. The new app serves as a support tool for the Dayliff range of pumps and includes functionalities enabling sizing, spare parts, engineering tools, technical reference, data sheets, how to videos and service information.

Key innovations include the MyDayliff feature which reads from the QR code of a newly purchased product and adds it to the owner's account for easy reference and access to support information such as instruction manuals and user guides. It also allows feedback to be given to a live chat forum and can direct customers to the nearest D&S outlet for assistance and advice. The Dayliff App is the company's second publically available application, the first being D&S FLO which was launched in 2018 and is now available in version 2.0.

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