2018 Management Conference

Management Conference 2018

The annual Management Conference is now a well established D&S tradition where the Group's senior 60 or so managers meet to review the past year and strategise for the coming one. Held in the relaxing environment of the Lord Errol Restaurant and themed 'Winning in the Digital Age',

the focus was addressing D&S's digital presence both in terms of market interaction and also internal control and systems to see how the Group can improve efficiencies and customer support.

A tradition of the conference is external speakers and contributions were made by representatives from Safaricom, Grundfos and Microsoft as well as by Dr Bitange Ndemo, one of Kenya's leading digital experts. Also presented were Manager of the Year Awards, the principal accolade being presented to Ephraim Wainaina, MD D&S Uganda. The conference concluded with a greater understanding of the importance of implementing wider digital initiatives.

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