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DAB ActiveDrive Plus Variable Speed Pump Controller T/T5.5 Datasheet
Product Details

DAB ActiveDriver Plus is the ideal solution for automatic on demand water supply in commercial and residential applications. Working on the inverter principal pump motor speed is varied with demand thus regulating pump output to a preset outlet pressure. This provides the following benefits:-

  • Constant outlet pressure up to the pump's maximum capacity providing consistent even supply.
  • Reduced energy consumption as pump output is matched to site demand.
  • Silent operation without the start and stop pressure shock of fixed speed systems.
  • Smaller footprint by eliminating the need for pressure vessels.
  • Eliminates starting current peaks. • Prolonged pump life.
  • Reduced water consumption and energy savings leads to environmental conservation.

The advanced ActiveDriver Plus is extremely innovative incorporating dual processor technology. It is installed inline on the pump outlet, an in-built electronic pressure transducer and flow sensor regulating the inverter which provides variable frequency power to the pump motor. Various models are available for a wide variety of pump applications, all offering the following features:-

  • Simple to install and can be used on all kinds of pumps.
  • Provides complete pump protection against pump overload, dry running, low voltage, excess pressure, electronics overheating and phase failure (three phase pumps).
  • Digital display of various operating parameters.
  • Adjustable operating settings to suit the installation requirements that can be configured using a wizard.
  • Facility for analogue connections of external sensors for float switch, pressure switch, alarm etc. (M/T 2.2 and T/T 5.5 only).
  • Provides for economical installation.
  • Can be connected together for multiple pump installations.

Variable speed is now established as the optimal solution for efficient pump control and the DAB ActiveDriver Plus controllers utilise the most advanced technology to provide efficient control for all water supply applications.

Liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids without solid particles or fibres. 
Frequency: 50-60Hz 
Max.Liquid Temperature: 500
Max Ambient Temperature: 600
Max Flow: 15m3/hr 
Max Pressure: 13Bar 

Model Power Max Current(A)  Pressure Adjustment(bar)  Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
Motor(kW) Supply Voltage(V) Power Voltage(V) DNM DNA A B C
ActiveDrive Plus M/M1.1 1.1 1x230 1x230 8.5 1-6 11/2 11/4" 237 282  185  3.5
ActiveDrive Plus M/M1.8 1.8 14 1-9 3.8
ActiveDrive Plus M/T2.2 2.2 3x230 10.5 1-13 3.5
ActiveDrive Plus T/T5.5 5.5 3x415 3x415 13.3 1-13 4.6

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