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Lorentz PSk2-7 AC Solar Pump Controller Datasheet
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The heart of all AC solar pumping systems is the controller and Lorentz PSk2 controllers combine high levels of functionality with high efficiency and reliability for a wide range of borehole and surface pumps. The controller inverts DC input to AC output and adjusts the output frequency in real time according to the prevailing irradiation levels. A particular feature of the design is true hybrid capabilities which automatically blends grid and generator power with the core solar power supply to provide consistent 24 hour pumping when required, thus maximising the use of installed solar capacity. Particular features include:-

  • Integrated datalogging of all relevant technical parameters, flow and fuel cost savings easily accessible via pumpScanner smartphone App.
  • Advanced configuration options for daily flow rate, constant and min/max pressure, level and flow rate sensing
  • Sensor inputs for dry run protection, tank switch, water metering, pressure and level sensing
  • Active temperature management for full power up to 50°C ambient temperature and power derating from 50 to ca. 60°C ambient temperature.
  • Integrated SunSensor for extended pump lifetime.
  • Optional remote control functionality using the PS Communciator and pumpManager service
  • Optional SmartPSUk2 features fully automated and manual hybrid operation for blending solar and grid/ diesel power for 24/7 water supply while minimizing operational costs.
  • Optional SmartStart to switch/ on off diesel generator and additional switch output for external devices (e.g. chlorine dosing units, irrigation valves etc.)
  • Integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) for maximum solar energy conversion efficiency
  • Protection against reverse polarity, overload and over temperature.


LORENTZ PSk2 controllers are surface mounted, rain and dust-proof. They must also be provided with a DC disconnect switch between the PV modules and controller. Due to the high operating voltages proper earthing is essential, which must be done by a qualified electrician. As a rule all PV powered solar pumping systems should be provided with a solar module array with ca 500 -200% of the rated motor power depending on local conditions. The arrays should be wired in a combination of series and parallel connections to ensure that the correct voltage is available in to the inverter. More accurate projections are available using COMPASS software when the exact site location and installation arrangement is defined. This information will be provided with all offers.

Operating Conditions

Enclosure Class: IP54
Ambient Temperature: -300 + 500C
Max. Efficiency: 98%
Speed Range: 1400 - 3135rpm for submersible pumps, 700 - 2905rpm for surface pumps
Input Voltage: Max 850V, Operating Vmp ->575V


Model Pump Motor Power (kW) Pump Motor Voltage (VDC) Max Solar Input Power (kWp) Max DC Input Voltage (VDC) MPP Voltage (VDC) Output Current (A) Frequency (Hz) Dimensions(mm) Weight (kg)
W1 H1 D2 W2 H2 D1 d
PSk2-7 5.5







































PSk2-9 7.5 10 20
PSk2-15 11 15 27
PSk2-21 15 21 39
PSk2-25 18.5 25 48
PSk2-40 30 37 70

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