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DAYLIFF DGK Kohler diesel generators are available in high speed and low speed configuration. High speed units are well suited for standby application where maximum power is required intermittently. Low speed units are suitable for continuous duty in prime power applications.

All models feature naturally aspirated, advanced technology air cooled Kohler engines close coupled to high efficiency alternators. The generators are mounted on a robust base frame that incorporates anti-vibration mounts and a high capacity fuel tank with level indicator. Open and closed versions are available.

All models are fitted with a standard control unit featuring output MCB, on-off switch, start button, emergency stop button, hour meter, and a digital display which shows current, voltage, power factor (cos Ø), frequency, active, reactive, and apparent power. All generator engines incorporate warning lamp indicators for low engine oil pressure and high engine temperature.

Also available is an advanced DAYLIFF Master control panel that, in addition to all features available in the standard control panel, incorporates an Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), and a trickle charger all in a single enclosure.

DAYLIFF DGK Kohler diesel generators are efficient, robust and high quality units that offer exceptional output for their size and provide the ideal solution for all standby and off grid prime power supply requirements.

DGKK7-T4 and DGK11-M2 can be wired to give power in single phase which is 65% of the three phase power.


Generator Model 1500rpm
Power Output Continuous / Standby kVA 15/16.5
kW 12/13.2
Engine Data Type KD626/3
Power(kW / BHP) 16.7(22.7)
Capacity 1870
No. of cylinders 3
Fuel Consumption(L/hr) 4.5
Fuel Tank Size(Litres) 110
Alternate Data Output Voltage 3x415V; PF 0.8
Alternate Type Self Exciting, Brushless, Single Bearing, AVR
Dimensions & Weights Length, A (mm) 1400
Width, B (mm) 600
Height, C (mm) 800
Dry Weight (kg) 360


Power Supply: All outputs are standard three phase supply though can be configured to single phase at reduced outputs.

Derating: Given outputs are sea level ratings. Sets should be derated at 1% for every 100m higher than100m above sea level, and 2% for every 50C temperature above 200C.

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