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Grundfos Hydro EN Fire Set
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Grundfos Hydro EN Fire Pumpsets are specially designed for automatic sprinkler system and are specified in compliance with the requirements of BS EN 12845. Standard sets comprise of a duty electric pump, standby diesel driven pump and jockey pump, other configurations such as dual electric or dual diesel sets being available to order. A wide range of systems are individually specified according to requirements, though generally include principal components as follows:-

  • Duty electric driven Grundfos NK single-stage horizontal centrifugal pump with axial suction, radial discharge port and back-pull-out construction for ease of maintenance.
  • Stand-by Diesel driven Grundfos NK single-stage horizontal centrifugal pump as above driven by a matched Clark diesel engine specified to operate at full load with a rated continuous power output in accordance with ISO 3046. The diesel engine is fitted with a fuel tank of sufficient capacity to run on full load for 6 hour operation and twin battery provision to guarantee diesel engine starting. Each battery is provided with an independent, continuously connected charger
  • Grundfos CR or CM type Jockey pump together with pressure vessels to control start frequency.
  • Electric and Diesel Pump Control panels equipped with functionality for fully automatic pump control and output signals for remote monitoring. The diesel panel includes monitoring and warnings for various engine operating parameters.
  • All equipment frame-mounted and provided with necessary control sensors and quality delivery piping fittings.

Grundfos Hydro EN Fire Pumpsets are quality products that are suitable for all fire protection applications and can be specified to all prevailing compliance standards. A wide range of outputs and pressures are offered and individual models will be specified for the particular site requirements.

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