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Dayliff Sunverter 2 SV2/1.5M AC Solar Pump Controller Datasheet
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Dayliff Sunverter 2 is an advanced AC/DC inverter specially designed for solar powering AC motors in various water pumping applications. A particular feature is hybrid capability that enables for the connection of direct AC power from mains or generator supply. It is adaptable to all AC motor types and can be retro fitted to the solarisation of existing AC supply installations. Particular features include;

  • Patented MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) capability providing fast response, good stability and up to 99% efficiency.
  • Fully automatic operation with up to 8 years storage capacity of operating data.
  • Supports motor soft start and gives full motor protection
  • User friendly LCD display interface with comprehensive display information
  • Hybrid capability with the option of DC solar power, generator or mains grid power inputs
  • Remote monitoring and control capability using the unique iDayliff GPRS interface
  • Strong IP65 rated enclosure for enhanced component protection


The controller offers the following control functions:-

  • Settable minimum and maximum frequency and open circuit voltage.
  • Display of operating parameters including frequency, voltage, amperage, input power and pump speed.
  • Display of historical data including energy generation, maximum power and operating times.
  • Protection against over and under voltage, over current, system overload and module over temperature.
  • Fault detection with error code display.


Dayliff Sunverter 2 controllers are surface mounted and should be provided with a housing for water and heat protection. They must also be provided with a circuit breaker between the PV modules and controller. Due to the high operating voltages proper earthing is essential, which must be done by a qualified electrician. As a rule all PV powered solar pumping systems should be provided with a solar module array with a nominal output about 30% greater than the motor size. The arrays should be wired in a combination of series and parallel connections to ensure that the correct voltage is available in to the inverter. It is important that the connection arrangement is approved by the pump supplier.


Enclosure Class: IP65
Ambient Temperature: -20 C to 60 C
Relative Humidity: 0-95%
Frequency: 0-60Hz


model Motor rated power (Kw) Rated Voltage (V) Max Solar input power (kWp) Output Current (A) Max DC input Voltage VDC MPP Voltage VDC Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
SV2/1.5M 1.1



2.2 8.6








SV2/2.2M 1.5 3.3 11 11.5
SV2/3.7M 2.2 5 17 280-360 13
SV2/3.7T 3.7




5 9







SV2/5.5T 5.5 8 13







SV2/7.5T 7.5 11 18 17
SV2/11T 11 16 24
SV2/15T 15 22 30 17.5
SV2/18T 18.5 28 39

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