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Pedrollo Fluid Solar 2/6 DC Solar Submersible Pumps Datasheet
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Pedrollo Fluid Solar pumps are specifically designed for solar powered water supplies for boreholes, though can also be used in other submersible applications in either horizontal or vertical configurations. The pump features a hydraulic end that incorporates floating centrifugal type impellers which together with especially resistant component materials provide high resistance to sand content in the pumped water. Pump and motor are an integral unit and double mechanical seals separated by an oil chamber are fitted for secure sealing.

The pump impellers and diffusers are made from engineering plastic while the stage casings, top housing and pump sleeve are made from AISI 304 stainless steel.


Pumps are fitted with integral high efficiency permanent magnet motor with electronic control incorporated in the motor. Also supplied is a separate control unit with digital display which switches the pump according to available irradiation levels, provides over/under voltage and over current protection and various fault indicators.

Insulation Class: F

Enclosure Class: IPX8

Min Input Voltage: 100VDC


Pump output curves are given at standard test conditions of 1000W/m2 solar irradiance and 250C. Output will vary throughout the year depending upon prevailing irradiation levels. For estimated daily outputs at continuous pumping, multiply the indicated output at the duty point by the daily irradiation given in Graph 1. For indicative purposes, factors of 1.1 can be applied for hot arid areas and 0.9 for temperate high altitude areas in East Africa. Output will vary throughout the day as a proportion of the estimated hourly irradiation as shown in Graph 2.


Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids with a maximum sand content of 150gm/m3

Max. Liquid Temperature: +350C

Ambient Temperature: -200C -+500C

Max. Immersion Depth: 40m


Model Motor Rating (W) Input Power Required (W) Voltage (VDC) Max Current (A) Port (DN) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Fluid Solar 2/6 750 1000 50-110 10 1" 100 587 11.4

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